Our Vision

Through our endeavors, each person that enters here will not have to live or die without knowing the word “recovery”.

Addiction is the manifestation of underlying issues and can be overcome and managed by addressing the underlying issues, the neurological disease of addiction and the spiritual and personality deficits and suffering created in the addiction. Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center provides a refreshing approach to treatment and recovery for individual’s suffering from addiction. Woodlake’s distinctive treatment philosophy is underpinned by the 12 Step Traditions and Principles and is uniquely combined with progressive therapies that foster spiritual and emotional growth that serve as the foundation for a life of recovery. Woodlake’s team of treatment professionals engage client’s in therapeutic and didactic interventions to help change dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors associated with addiction. Treatment at Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center is the beginning of a journey to living a healthy, fulfilling life-connected with self and others, our clients have a new alternative and are empowered to lead a life of endless opportunities free from addiction.

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