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Being Called to Give an Account Part 1

Hebrews 9:27: It is determined for a person to die once and after that to face the judgment….

A week ago in the early hours of Thursday morning my mother phoned me with the news that her husband of 40 plus years, my stepfather, Eldon Rogers, had died that morning.  Each life and each death affords a mirror and/or a comparison/contrast.   My initial thoughts were to be present and supportive of my mother.  Afterwards, I was able to consider how Mr. Eldon had enriched my life and what may be said in the funeral that would transpire the upcoming weekend.

The bride and I have been together since 17 and 18 years young and were challenged with completing our educations while simultaneously providing for a family.  A number of years ago she and I were both in Graduate Schools and finances were tight as we worked, went to school, and raised a family.  It was a demanding and less than encouraging time but we were committed to each other and the educational undertakings.  The Bible refers to a Barnabas who encouraged Paul and without Barnabas Paul may never have had the doors opened for him that he did.  Barnabas brought encouragement and with encouragement comes enthusiasm and with the boost comes more energy and determination and confidence in reaching one’s goals.

God’s grace and empowerment come at the right times.  Mr. Eldon and my mother visited us during that particular time.  They related some bonds or investments had materialized and they desired to share a portion of that with us.  In the first Chapter of the Book of Psalms the Bible describes righteous persons as those that will utilize or employ their resources and blessings to bless and not exploit others.  Needless to say their gift was a timely gift and a real encouragement and instrument of enthusiasm.

The Bible many times speaks of memorials in memory of God’s provision and faithfulness.  The bride and I determined to set a small portion of the money aside for that exact purpose.  Led by the Holy Spirit and grace we discovered an antique dining table and chairs that equated the money we had set aside.  We purchased it and it has been part of our home for 20 years.  With each family gathering whether Mr. Eldon and my mother are physically present or not, they are still there for we are reminded of their selflessness and generosity at a very much needed time and God’s timely grace and empowerment.

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