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Being Called to Give an Account- Part 2

Recently, Kenny Rogers was being interviewed for his latest album.  He acknowledged that the men may attend his concerts to appease their wives and applaud his songs and act to be nice.  However, he voiced if the men were laughing during the show he knew they were genuinely enjoying themselves and consequently he made a point to bring humor to his concerts.  The biological grandchildren and step grandchildren alike voiced an appreciation for Mr. Eldon’s sense of humor and expressed a special emotional connection with him.  Each had a unique story of their lives being enjoyable and richer for having had him as their grandfather.

Mr. Eldon’s religious affiliation was the Latter Day Saints.  I Corinthians 15:29 relates Paul asking the members of the Church of Corinth If there is no resurrection, why do you baptize for the dead?  My biological dad died from alcohol related causes when I was 17 years young and was told by the minister that preached the funeral that he would not preach him into heaven or hell.  There have been times that I had voiced my concerns if my dad shall spend eternity in Hell.  Mr. Eldon aware of my thoughts and feelings underwent baptism according to the Latter Day Saints belief in the place of my father.  He then informed me, “Tommy, you do not need to worry about that anymore.”      

Proverbs 21:21: The person that pursues righteousness (uses their gift to bless and not exploit) and love (equally committed and concerned about others as much as one’s self) will find or discover life, prosperity, and honor.  Numerous times Mr. Eldon blessed when within his power to bless, he brought laughter and joy to the hearts of children that became treasured memories as they became young adults, and he attempted to stand in the gap and extend salvation for another person while relieving the fears and concern of a son for his father.  He left behind a standard and a challenge for selflessness.  Thank You, Mr. Eldon!

What shall be said about you and me when we die?  Will others say we were a blessing or we primarily appeared to live for ourselves?  Is your life a blessing?  Are you experiencing life, prosperity and honor as the results of selflessness or is your life the reflection of page 62 of the Big Book – selfishness, self-seeking, self delusion ending in self pity?  Today is the day of salvation.  May you and I not quiet the voice of God through disobedience?  Thanks for letting me share.  If we can help you or a loved one with the fight against alcoholism or other forms of addiction, please contact you.  Thanks for reading this blog and any responses are welcomed.


Thomas “Tommy” Estis, PhD, NCC, LPC, LPC-S, LMFT, LMFT-BAS, LAC, ACOA…

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