Do you suck your baby’s pacifier? You should!

This is news to me. As a matter of fact, I thought just the opposite. I was evidently wrong. In the highly respected medical journal, Pediatrics, it was reported , May 6, 2013, that parents who clean their baby’s pacifier by sucking on it themselves before giving it to the baby actually protect the child from developing allergies. The babies in the study were followed until three years old. The kids who had pacifiers cleaned by sucking parents had significantly less asthma, eczema skin disease, and sensitization to potential things that cause allergies. OK. I know I’ve been getting into pediatrics lately but I promise to shift the blog topics back to the older crowd. In the meantime, check with your pediatrician about this and get her/his take on it. Or better yet, check with your mom or grandmother.

Louis Cataldie, MD
Diplomate ABAM

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