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Louisiana Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center Detoxification

In order to withdraw from certain substances and for patients that have been using an addictive substance for a longer period of time, it may be necessary for patients to undergo medically supervised detoxification Woodlake will administer the appropriate medications to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms. At an appropriate time during the detoxification process Woodlake’s professional staff will conduct a comprehensive assessment and evaluation to determine the best level of treatment for the individual client. During this phase of treatment patient’s are introduced to educational information about the disease of addiction and 12-Step recovery.

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Louisiana Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center Family Counseling
Family Counseling
Alcoholism/Addiction is a family disease with negative implications for the alcoholic/addict and their family members. The addicted person produces significant stress on members of their families or significant others, who often in response, adopt unhealthy emotions or roles as means to cope with the addict and their using. Conflict in a marriage or with children may precipitate excessive drinking or drug use and thus supports the using pattern of behavior in the addicted person. Consequently, the addiction serves as a symptom of family dysfunction, a method for coping with family stress creating more dysfunction. This vicious and destructive merry-go-round has to be stopped in order for families to begin an emotionally healthy way of life.

Families are invited to attend a Family Weekend to receive education regarding the disease of addiction for family members and participation in family group sessions. Woodlakes Family Education model focuses on the disease concept, spirituality, the loss of personalities, defenses, neurological chemistry of addiction, the principles of the 12 step programs, and includes specific task to assist with redefining self and recovery. The Family Education group work is designed to allow the family members to explore their pain in the midst of the addiction, openly and honestly discuss resentments, determine proper amends and realistic expectations, and devise specific means to continue the recovery process while improving the relationship and enhanced communication. Woodlakes Family Education experience concludes with hope, connectedness, understanding, and improved communication as previous perceptions, confusions, and experiences are discussed, illuminated, or validated.

Family participation in the treatment process improves the recovery prognosis for the chemically addicted individual. Woodlake views the addict and other family members as potentially forceful systems having the capability for positive change as the individuals change and develop differing identities and relationships. Therefore, family involvement is an integral part of the therapeutic approach beginning with admission, each phase of treatment and continuing on to discharge planning.
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Louisiana Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center Inpatient/Residential Treatment
Inpatient/Residential Treatment
Knowing that socialization prior to treatment was limited to isolation or others that would not confront the addiction, daily communal living and sharing of responsibilities are emphasized in the person recapturing the common welfare of self in relationship to others. Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center’s holistic approach affords that process to begin starting from the initial evaluation, individualized treatment plan, specific tasks and assignments correlating all aspects of the personality, to a discharge plan incorporating those learned behaviors into a supportive recovery based environment.


Breaking through Denial – Internalizing ownership of the alcoholism/addiction – Owning the deficits, powerlessness, un-manageability, and consequences – Poverty of the soul

These issues are addressed in a therapeutic treatment setting and are part the patient’s ongoing treatment plan that is developed and customized to meet individual needs. Patients participate in daily activities including education of the disease concept, group and individual therapy, sober living skills, Twelve-Step educational groups and meetings, and physical activities. During this phase Woodlake professionals work to stabilize clients and engage them in the first phases of the recovery process.


Accepting the character defects contributing to harm done to self and others – Embracing the Brokenness and Correlating Sorrow

Once stabilized and engaged in treatment, Phase II focuses on therapeutic assignments and daily activities designed to help patients regain conscience, improve decision making, judgment, and impulse control. Patients continue to participate in Twelve step education groups, individual and group therapy, physical activities, sober living skills, with ongoing evaluation and monitoring of progress in treatment.


Building a spiritual foundation for recovery – Mold ability

As patients progress through the phases of treatment and recovery the treatment team works with patients, individually and in group sessions, to identify repressed emotions and address avoided feelings, ultimately regaining the ability to feel. By restoring the individuals foundation for faith and hope spiritual progress and healing begins. All other aspects of the individual treatment plan are continuously assessed and monitored to ensure the patients progress in addressing deficits, needs, and contradictions.


Building a Recovery Network, Preparing for Discharge РIdentification 

During this phase patients work with individual counselors and in group sessions to identify compulsive behaviors and negative thought patterns recovery. Daily activities and assignments given that allow the patient to be responsible for their continued recovery and preparation for return to their home and family life. 
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Louisiana Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center Relapse Prevention
Relapse Prevention
Approximately 6 to 8 Weeks
PHASE I – Identifying the Loss of Recovery
PHASE II – Identifying the Loss of One’s Program
PHASE III – Regaining Oneself after Relapse
DISCHARGE – Remaining Connected to God (Higher Power), Self and Others
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Louisiana Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center Trauma Work
Trauma Work

Being aware that dependence can be fixated in trauma, Woodlake has specific assignments and therapy to assist trauma patients.


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Louisiana Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center Employee Assistance Program
Employee Assistance Program
Alcoholism or drug addiction affects a person’s life at home and at work. Loss of productivity, absenteeism, and overall poor performance are just a few of the affects of addiction seen in the work place. Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center’s Employee Assistance program is designed to provide the maximum benefit to employers and the individual in need of treatment.
Woodlake’s professional staff will design a customized employee assistance plan based on the unique needs of the individual and the employer. Compliance with federal and state employment and confidentiality laws is required and is included in the employee assistance framework. A full assessment of the individual including recommendations for treatment or interventions is done in a confidential setting. Woodlake staff can assist employers and human resource professionals in communicating with the impaired employee as requested. If an employee is a good candidate for Woodlake’s Intensive Outpatient program group schedules include day and evening sessions to meet most work schedules.
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Louisiana Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center Professional Recovery Group
Professional Recovery Group

Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center provides weekly group sessions to our residential patients to discuss and process specific challenges and concerns related to the work environment and recovery issues of many professional groups. Particular professions are prone to more stress and fatigue or even challenges of accessing drugs of abuse in the work place. The unique needs of each professional is explored in the Professionals Group to assist professional patients in developing healthy responses to stress, work place coping skills, and how to communicate with colleagues about their recovery upon returning to work. The professional staff and counselors at Woodlake will communicate directly with licensing boards and professional certification agencies as necessary in order to communicate progress and the patient’s status in treatment as requested and necessary.

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Louisiana Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center Intensive Outpatient Program
Intensive Outpatient Program
Woodlake’s Intensive Outpatient Program, focuses on the disease concept which affects the individual physically, psychologically, and spiritually, and is designed for patients who are new to recovery , completed Woodlake’s Inpatient/ Residential program, or have relapsed. Woodlake Addiction Recovery Center’s IOP includes a comprehensive evaluation and other assessment as needed to develop a treatment plan to meet and address individual needs. IOP clients are engaged in the recovery process while continuing to maintain their daily lives at work, school, or home and supports continued engagement with their family. Treatment consists of a semi-structured environment providing guidance through group psychotherapy with individual and family sessions as needed. Patients are given assignments to address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual deficits that accompany addiction. The program encompasses group sessions on topics including:
  • The Disease Concept
  • Family Dynamics
  • The 12 Steps of Recovery
  • Spirituality
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Ongoing Recovery and integration into daily life.
  • Patient’s completing Woodlake’s IOP are provided with free Continuing/After care for one year.
Through these exercises, individual and group therapy, and the 12 steps, the foundation for sober living is established. Woodlake’s Intensive Outpatient Program is located at our facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
10473 Old Hammond Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Phone: 225.924.1910
For those who qualify, Woodlake is also a provider for Access To Recovery (ATR), a grant funded intensive outpatient program for clients who cannot afford treatment.
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